Founder’s Message Founder’s Message

Message from Kishore Raj, Founder and CEO

Hello and welcome to Foresight. Thank you for your interest in our services and taking a few minutes to explore our website.

Foresight as you might know is a multi familyoffice, working with select client families in India. Over the last couple of years, we have built a comprehensive portfolio of services from management to execution, taking care of every small detail. Diligence and integrity are values I personally believe in and share with the team.

I have spent nearly two decades in wealth management and the diverse experience has taught me the true value of trusted relationships. I've seen the smartest of people struggling to simplify financial and regulatory decisions often complicating the process further by adding multiple experts and teams. I've also noticed how conversations ride on selling, hyperbolic expectations and shortsighted. More selling and less listening. Quick results over long-term value. Products over people. Observing these patterns at close quarters, I wanted to find a way to offer an exclusive experience that connects all the dots of financial decision-making and sustains results and relationships long-term. I wanted to create the next level experience for those who need it the most – successful, wealthy individuals and families who want to simplify their overall assets and plan their future, succession and legacy thoughtfully. That's how Foresight was founded, as a complete family office to service all financial and lifestyle services under one roof.

The journey so far has been exciting. In India multi familyoffice as a concept is still catching on but the responseI've got has been phenomenal. It makes tremendous sense after all to enjoy your fortune with peace of mind, knowing fully well that you always have a trusted team working alongside. A team that believes in your vision, resolves challenges, plans future and ensures your continued success.

I hope you resonate with me and have found some useful information on the website. Please drop a note or get in touch over a call. We'd be happy to help you build the financial future you envision.

Best regards,
Kishore Raj

Founder's Message