Our Story Our Story

The foundational word in our world is trust.

Foresight is an independent multi-family office. We made a modest start with a few wealthy families in Bangalore. The Founder and CEO of Foresight, Kishore Raj, built his successful financial career on integrity and credibility – values he holds dear for his clients as well. Our team of experts shares the same focus to help clients grow and preserve a legacy that withstands the test of time.

Our vision is to create value for you and sustain it long-term

We believe true wealth is defined by not money alone; it’s also the values we instill and the legacy we leave behind. Be it our product selections or a specific strategy – they are all designed to drive your vision based on what you value. Once we understand what’s important to you, what inspires you and challenges you, it is our job to make the goals happen, both immediate and long-term.

Of course, there are challenges unique to individuals and families. As a custodian of your family’s well-being, we will share honest feedback so that you can take informed decisions, weather it is an unprecedented issue to respond to or a potential risk to take.

You can count on us to simplify your life.

From wealth, business and estate planning to philanthropy, we seek to give our clients more time to do what they love with the confidence that their future is in good hands.

Foresight works closely with a few wealthy families like yours, to preserve, nurture and pass on the wealth seamlessly to future generations, in addition to catering to the many bespoke lifestyle needs of your family. We’ll guide you in pausing, planning, and preserving your capital. We will look for the right opportunities for you to grow it further. When it comes to dealing with difficult financial decisions, professional or personal, we will be the voice of reason and objectivity, helping you resolve your challenge.

We understand that several priorities might demand your attention and the lesser the need to micromanage the better. If you prefer a hands-off approach, we will take the complete responsibility to run as per agreed strategy, reporting on progress and consulting on key decisions. When you want to plunge into details, we will empower you with all relevant data and insights.